Tips to Enjoy a Beer Tasting Event

You are attending a beer tasting event but you have no idea of what to do to have fun. How can you make it successful, have fun and still be able to sample different beers from around the globe? This is an amazing event to attend and there is something that you can always do to make it a success.

Learn More about the Beer from Brewmasters

It’s good to know what you are drinking. Just knowing its beer made by a certain person or company is not enough. When you have conversation with a brewmaster, you not only learn more about the beers you are tasting, but also the company making them and the beer industry at large. Again you never know what could come out of that conversation.

Be Classy

Just because this is a beer tasting event does not mean that you should over drink and be disorderly. The same goes with partying and clubbing. For example even Surfers Paradise nightclubs will throw you out of you are drunk and disorderly. The same goes for beer festivals.

Remember that this is a special event and you have tickets to sample beers. Don’t even think about pouring some beer into your bottles to take home or spit the beer if you do not like the taste. Be classy, avoid misbehaving, keep the tickets to yourself and respect everyone at the event.

Dress for the Event

The best dress code is casual smart. Avoid loose clothes such as dangling sleeves when going to the event. This is because you might end up spilling beer with them which is a shame. Wearing a pair of jeans or shorts and a t-shirt that is dark in color is appropriate. Even if there is a spill, stains will not show. The shoes that you wear should be comfortable as you will do a lot of walking.

Stay Hydrated

Beer makes you hydrated and since you are tasting different ones, you get dehydrated fast despite taking it in small amounts. Stay hydrated by taking plenty of water throughout the day. It is worse when it’s hot outside and you are dehydrated.

Have a Beer Tasting Plan

Remember that everyone at the event is there to taste their favorite beers and new ones too. So there is a high possibility that there will be long queues. Besides getting there early, you can get to know the participating breweries in advance and plan your day early. It’s always good to start where the queue is not too long. In addition to this, pace yourself and avoid drinking too much at ago.