6 beers you immediately need to stop drinking

A lot of people are very careful about what they eat. They avoid unhealthy junk food that has very little health value and only eat food that will nourish their bodies. But when it comes to drinks (alcoholic beverages) anything goes. People, in general, do not give much preference to the ingredient that is used in making their favorite alcoholic drink.

Presently, there are several food ingredients that are strictly monitored by the FDA. But nobody is currently giving much attention to the ingredient that is used in the making of beer.

The alcohol industry is somewhat secretive. Up till this day, they have not fully listed the ingredient they use in making alcoholic drinks. The truth is that some of the ingredients that are used in the making of alcoholic drinks are harmful.
In this article, we are going to focus on two beers that you need to stop drinking.
Below are some harmful ingredients that are found in a lot of popular beers
•    GMO corn
•    BPA
•    Insect based dyes
•    GMO sugars
•    Natural flavors
•    Fish bladder
•    And many more!

Newcastle brown ale

A lot of people love this beer because of it tastes good. But the new reports have shown that it contains caramel coloring.  Caramel coloring is not really a bad thing. It is made from ammonia and is classified as a carcinogen.
Drinking this beer in moderation has a lot of benefits. For starter, it reduces the chance of you developing cancer. That is indeed a good thing. But the problem with this beer is that, if it is taken in large amount it will stimulate the growth of cancerous cells.


This is an excellent beer that is taken by a lot of people around the world. Many people have attested to the fact that this beer is smooth. That said, a couple of investigation have shown that some ingredient that is used in the production of it is quite disturbing. Isinglass is one ingredient that is used in making it.
The problem a lot of people have with this particular ingredient is that it is gotten from a fish bladder. Even more, it contains High fructose corn syrup that has been banned.
The good news here is that Guinness has stopped using these two ingredients in preparing their beer.

Of course there other popular beer that you should stop drinking, do some research to find out about them.