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Don't Drink & Drive You Bloody Idiot

By now you should know me as an alcohol loving individual. But I am not an idiot. I will never drink and drive cause it plain idiotic!

So this article is not for me but for all of those individuals who think they can drink and drive. Sure you may think you can but when you wake up the next morning and have no idea how you got your car home the night before there is a massive cause for concern.

Take for example my idiotic friend Mic. Last week he did just that. He first stated the night by driving to the local drinking hole, first mistake.

You should never drive anywhere when you know you will be drinking. Mic had done this many times and was only thinking that he would have a couple of drinks that Friday night. Second mistake.

He should know that the best nights out are the unplanned ones. If he was intending to drink at all on Friday night, he should have left the car at home. Or at the very least realised when he had had enough and leave the car until tomorrow. But he didn't.

Instead Mic had a blinder of a night and the last thing he remembers is meeting some local lassies and doing shots with them at the bar. Doing shots should have been his definite cut off to no-way be driving home that night. But alas he woke in his bed the next morning. When  he woke up he thought I wonder how I got home. And sure enough there was his car parked out the front. But wait, what was that...

On the front windscreen was a small hole with small cracks travelling in all directions out from it. It covered a huge portion of the entire front windshield. The worst part is Mic can't remember what happened. For all he knows he could have hit something or someone! 

After carefully inspecting the rest of the car there was no other impact damage. He couldn't have hit anything or anyone as that would left an impact or damage to the car body, but there was nothing.

The only conclusion we came to was that it must have been a flying rock from a passing car that flew up and hit his windscreen causing it to crack. Of course he couldn't drive with it the way it was and had to call a windshield replacement service to fix the damage. But if this is all the damage he caused he got away extremely lucky.

Bottom line don't drink and drive or you too will be a bloody idiot. And hopefully that is all.